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Why Pre-Arrange or Pre-Plan Funerals in Advance?

During our lives we plan for many situations: education, having a family, vacations, weddings and especially our retirement. However, many of us neglect to plan our funeral as it is a realization of our own mortality. We purchase insurance to help us in case of accident, earthquake, fire and flood. We should also consider the preplanning of our funeral service as it not only lets our survivors know our wishes, but it will also lessen the inevitable stress that can accompany funeral arrangements. 

The benefits of advance funeral planning . . .  

  • You can make rational and logical decisions at an unemotional time. 
  • You can obtain peace of mind by making your wishes known and assuring theat they will be carried out as specified.
  • Your funeral will not be a financial or emotional burden on your family. 
  • Your prepaid services can serve as a tax shelter.  
"I couldn't believe how much easier it was on us when we found out that Mom had looked after her funeral arrangements in advance."
- Mrs. K. Carlson



If funerals services are paid for in advance, the funds are placed in a funeral insurance certificate. 

The benefits of pre-funding funeral services . . .  

  • The funeral costs are guaranteed at today's prices, eliminating inflation. 
  • The payment can be made in a single payment or monthly installments may be possible. 
  • The funeral insurance certificate can be transferred to any funeral home in the world. Most pre-funded funeral plans are not 100% transferred. 
  • Funeral homes which use trust accounts, term deposits or annuities are allowed to keep up to 20% of the principle and interest for administration.With our plan, 100% is transferred to any funeral provider. 
  • The full amount of the funeral is paid if an accidental death occurs during a payment plan. 
  • The funds are still protected, in the event that the selected funeral home is no longer in business, and can be assigned to any other funeral home.  
"After paying for my funeral, I felt relieved that it was one less thing my family would have to worry about."
- Dr. G. Kendell

Take an Introductory Course on Funeral Planning

The complete funeral arrangements can be made at a funeral chapel or in the comfort of your own home. 

The easy step of making funeral pre-arrangements . . .  

  • Recording personal information required for Vital Statistics. 
  • Making service choices such as funeral or memorial service, burial, cremation, entombment, etc. Also specific service details such as music selections, participants (family and/or friends) to create a meaningful service, obituary notices, etc. 
  • Making specific selections such as a casket or cremation container, an urn, a burial or urn vault, and a monument or memorial marker. 
  • Arranging a payment plan that will guarantee the costs against inflation. This can be a one time payment in full or may be set up as monthly payments.  
"Robin made a tough time a lot easier as we were well informed of all of our options."
- Ms. M. Cottingham

Fill out a Pre-Planning Information Form On-Line  

Call Robin to plan your funeral services in advance. 744-3595 

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